Our 2018 Mission Blog

Serving In Two Locations

July 24, 2018

Our team split into two groups this morning with the medical and vision team returning to Guamote while the rest of the team went to Pueblo Viejo.  The medical team assisted 41 people while the vision team handed out 46 glasses.  It’s always encouraging to see the look on their faces as they realize they can see clearly again.  That’s why I like sharing these photos!

Meanwhile, in Pueblo Viejo, the Women’s Bible Study was going on.  Pat was leading the Bible Study in Spanish and Pastor Julio translated into Quechua.   

In the afternoon, the medical and vision team returned to Pueblo Viejo to assist with the VBS skits and crafts.  The VBS team was teaching the parable of the Good Samaritan and the kids were really enjoying the skit and crafts.  They also enjoyed singing the songs and learning the hand motions.