Previous Missions

Pachamama Chico at sunset. The valley is filled with clouds and we are above 11,500 ft in Andes Mts.

2018 - Pueblo Viejo and Guamote

Our team built a new relationships with a church in Guamote as we provided basic medical assistance and vision care to the local people.  The local women participated in a Bible study on 1 Peter.  

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2017 - Jardin de Primavera and Tixan

Our teams spent time in two villages:  Jardin de Primavera and Tixan.  In Jardin de Primavera, we came along side the leaders to provide guidance and develop skills used to teach children exciting ways to learn from the Bible.  In Tixan, our team assisted in providing basic medical and vision care to the community.

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2016 - Gonzol

In Gonzol, we had several teams active in:

  • Providing basic medical and vision care
  • Working together with the people of Gonzol to complete construction of a new church
  • Conducting a Women's Bible Study
  • Conducting a Children's Bible School
  • Conducting a Children's Sports Camp

2015 - Tixan

In Tixan, we had a construction team working together with the people of Tixan to build a church.  We also had a Children's Bible Study and a Women's Bible Study.

2014 - Jardin de Primavera and Pueblo Viejo

Our teams spent two weeks in two locations performing the following tasks:

  • Jardin de Primavera
    • assisting with the construction of a large, two-story church
  • Pueblo Viejo
    • Providing training for Sunday School teachers
    • Conducting Children's Bible Study
    • Conducting Children's Sports Camp
  • Nearby Locations
    • Providing basic medical care

2013 - Pachamama Chico

In Pachamama Chico, which is above 11,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, we had a construction team working with the locals to complete the construction of a new church.  We also had a basic medical and vision team providing care for those in need.  We had a Children's Sports Camp and a Children's Bible Study.


2012 - Iltus

In Iltus, we had a construction team working together with the villagers as they completed a church.  We had Children's Bible Study and Children's Sports Camp.  The Medical team visited surrounding villages to provide basic medical care.

2011 - Nueva Esparanza

In 2011, we returned to Nueva Esparanze to drill another well to provided water for an irrigation system for their crops.  We also performed nearly a dozen weddings in one day as many couples were ready to be married.  

2010 - Huigra

The people of Huigra worked along side our construction team as we completed their church.  There were many people involved in construction and with the Children's Sports Camp.

2009 - Nueva Esparanza

Our construction team worked with the people of Neuva Esparanze to build a new school, public restrooms and shower facilities.  We also dug a well to provided fresh water for these people.

2008 - Aypud

We had a large construction team that worked with the Aypud villagers to build a two-story church.  We also provided a Children's Bible Study and a Children's Sports Camp.

2007 - Chunchi

This was our first trip! We had a construction team that worked side by side with the people of Chunchi to build a church.