Our 2018 Mission Blog

Another Glorious Day Serving People And the Risen King!

July 26, 2018

On Thursday, the Vision Team examined many patients and were able to provide 15 pairs of glasses to the people in need.  The really good news is not a single person needed glasses that we were out of!   The Medical Team examined 36 patients with more children today than in the past few days.  The good news is that we have not had anything out of the ordinary so far!  We are very thankful there are organizations like Blessings International that provide pharmaceutical supplies for mission teams at a greatly discounted rate. 

Our Men’s and Women’s Bible study on 1 Peter continued today with both groups getting through chapter 3.  There was great discussions in each of these groups as we are building and growing relationships within these two groups.  The Men’s group met in Aypud (I-pood) and it was a mixture of men, women, and children.  While the Women’s group was opening in prayer, one of the ladies began singing which led to a wonderful moment of praise as everyone else began singing and giving praise to God! 

To allow the women to be focused on the Bible Study, we provide activities for the children.  Today’s activities included coloring crosses, playing parachutes, and reading from the new Children’s Bibles that we provided to the church.   The Children’s VBS had over 100 kids attending today as they learned the parable of the Prodigal Son.  It has been an AMAZING week! 

All glory and honor goes to our Heavenly Father!  Thank you, Jesus!